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Video Dating Anyone?

Here’s a cute one. It’s called video dating. If you’re interested to try it, you can actually download an app called Instamour. Apparently, Instamour can help you find a date.

Instamour stands out among all the other dating sites because you can have a better view of the person you want to meet. So instead of just pinning your hopes on the pictures on other dating sites, Instamour gives you a more accurate profile of the person you are interested in. This is because Instamour provides videos instead of photos. This can save you a lot of time. You don’t have to meet up with someone whose profile is a total scam. It is, after all, harder to lie with videos.

What You Can Get From This Video Dating App

You can definitely get a more realistic view of the profiles of the people that signed up. According to this exclusive interview with founder, Jason Sherman,

“You can interact with people and see their personalities.”

Here are the other perks you can get from this particular video dating apps:

• Video Profiles
• Video Chat
• Instant Chat
• Real Time Communication

Is This A Better Way?

This is, definitely, a better way to find someone. It’s harder to manipulate videos. The photos on the other dating sites can easily be cleaned out to look so much better. That’s pretty hard to do with videos.

“… you send in pictures … you put together a little profile … so you normally, maybe doctor the still picture a little bit …”

With all the amazing technology nowadays, everybody can really look good in a photo. But it’s different with Instamour.

“This is a better way, do not get fooled … the biggest difference is that you’re creating profile with video and video chat as well so that you can really get to know somebody.”

How It Goes

You can scan all the videos uploaded on Instamour. There is a huge variety of videos you can choose from. If you want to join in, you can create your own videos.

“You can make four total videos … Once you push somebody’s heart on the app and they push yours back, then you can instant chat with them and send a message live. You can actually talk to them.”

This particular dating app can actually hook you up with someone right away. There’s no need to wait for emails, you can communicate with someone interesting immediately.

How To Get It

Just like any app, you can download Instamour. The best thing about it is it’s free! You can find it on Instamour.com or even on Apple. Jason Sherman has this to add.

“We’re just about ready to launch our new iOs 7 interface which will look beautiful. We have models involved and this is the new app that we’re going to be launching any day now.”

This is definitely going to beat the traditional way of dating online. It’s easy and you can actually find the right information about the person. There will be no more surprises or great expectations.

Another good thing about this video dating app is that it can be viewed everywhere. You can download it on your smart phone, computer, laptop. Hence, you can actually find a date within the comforts of your home while having coffee. And if you want to hook up, it can be done immediately as well. That really takes out a lot of pressure in finding someone to date. So for anyone out there that wants to find an honest-to-goodness date, video dating may just be for you.


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The Tao Of Badass Takes Out The Confusion From Dating

the-tao-of-badass-dating-adviceDating is suppose to be fun. But for a woman like me, it can be quite confusing at times. After a great evening with someone, I end up thinking if he’s really going to call even if he says he will. Needless to say, I end up waiting for days looking and acting like a total fool. Then lo and behold, he never calls. That feeling of confusion just takes out the fun in dating.

The Reality Of Dating

The reality of dating is that we’re not going to get a call from every guy we go out with. Even if he says he will, he won’t call if he doesn’t want to. That’s the sad truth about dating. No amount of analyzing and thinking will ever get a guy to call us if he DOESN’T want to.

Here’s A Trick From The Tao Of Badass

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Tao Of Badass. It’s a dating guide for men. If you think it’s not applicable for us women, well, think again. I think this bit of information is important for us, women, as well.

While the Tao Of Badass advises guys to establish continuity from the first date, we, women, can learn a lot from that as well. According to The Tao Of Badass dating course, guys should immediately set the time and day for the second date. This is one way for guys to move into the second date with a woman they want to be with.

Now that’s a good hint for us, women. If a guy doesn’t immediately set the time and day for a second date, then chances are, we won’t see him again. So there is no need to wait for a call and hope to be asked out again. It’s that simple. Dating site www.BehavioralEcology.net says that if a guy doesn’t express his interest in seeing us again on the first date then chances are he will never call at all.

Some Dating Scenarios To Consider

Consider these dating scenarios. The first one where the two of you had so much fun and at the end of the date, he hands over his calling card and says; “I had fun. Call me sometime!” Yeah right! He expects you to call him so forget it. Not that there’s anything wrong with calling him but chances are he won’t even remember you if you call him.

Here’s another dating scenario where he simply says, “I’ll call you sometime!” The adverb sometime covers a lot of time frames. So that means he can call in a few minutes, in a few days or even in the next life time. The point is that “sometime” is not a definite time and we cannot count on that.

But here’s a scenario to look out for and this is what the dating guru Joshua Pellicer of The Tao Of Badass advises guys to do. This is the kind of scenario where the guy expresses his intent in going on a second date and he sets the time and day for it right there and then! So probably he’ll say, “Let’s meet again. How about same time next week?” Of course, we can always say no if we don’t want to see him again but if we do want to see him again, that’s a good time to set the second date. In other words, that trick from the Tao Of Badass works both ways.

No More Confusion

It’s time to stop the thinking and the analyzing. It’s just going to get more confusing. Let’s face it; a guy will speak out if he wants to see us again. He will set the time and day for a second date and even drop a phone call or two before that. It’s all about continuity. So if there’s a lull time after the first date, there’s no need for us to get confused because he has, most likely, forgotten about us.


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Dating In The Digital World

dating-in-a-digital-worldNowadays, dating is very different. Most of the communication process is now done digitally. People spend more time sending text messages and emails. Unlike years ago, dating was more of a face-to-face process.

A couple of years back, people met up. Whether it was a blind date or not, it was more of a personal interaction with each other. Sure, there were a couple of phone calls previous to the date, but there was an immediate face-to-face moment.

Dating in the digital age is different. According to ABC Nightly News, this is now a growing trend in the dating world.

“Texting before talking. Engaging on email. Is it all becoming a digital drain on romance?”

And yes, some young people seem to think that it’s the way to date nowadays.

“It’s the dating way now … that’s how you start your relationships … text messaging …”

More single folks are now relying on technology to start a romance. As a matter of fact, AT&T reports that 67% of their subscribers resort to text messaging to flirt. While 28% send text messages to their partners or “significant others”.

Is This Good Or Bad?

This is what relationship expert, Christie Nightingale, has to say about this manner of dating.

“It’s everywhere. Everyone is texting. Everyone is emailing and it just seems to be a diffused focus on dating these days.”

Christie calls is an “electronic epidemic” which causes more people to avoid the whole process of courting. She adds that texting and emailing can possibly hinder a relationship.

“It seems to be prolonging the process of people connecting and actually meeting one another to establish a relationship.”

Talk Is Better

In spite of the conveniences of texting and emailing, talk is better especially when it comes to dating.

“Experts warn that constantly hitting the send button instead of being up close and personal can zap social skills.”

Hence, it is recommended that talk is better than text and email.

“Experts say that high tech dating is taking the thrill out of courtship and short circuiting romance.”

While text messaging and emailing make it very convenient for people to initiate the dating process, experts still say that meeting face-to-face is the best way to get to know each other. A face-to-face meeting is a more personal way of getting to know each other. Of course, it can be strengthened by communicating through text messaging and emails. But nothing beats the personal touch of a phone call or a face-to-face communication.

The dating scene in this digital era is really a far cry from the dating scene a couple of years ago. Communication has truly evolved in various ways. While some experts see this as a hindrance, it, nonetheless, helps more people connect to other people. It’s really just a matter of combining all the forms of communication to really get to know someone.


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